Art Dump

Not much to report on this end, been working on a lot of odds and ends trying to get stuff ready for an art show at the end of the month, and figure out my plan of attack for a convention next month. (I might try to do a write up of how that all works at some point – maybe.)

So we’re doing an art dump this week.

nukafin done

I finally got these two off my docket and am pretty happy about them. The skeleton lady had to be done twice since the first time I made the mistake of using some “watercolor” paper that warped and buckled and fought me every step of the way.  I really need to go buy better watercolor paper in the future. And burn the stock of the crappy paper before I accidentally try to paint on it again.


Gas masks, old photos, and old fashion are loves of mine. This particular piece was meant as a companion to some pieces I did ages ago. Glad to finally wrap this one up.


This one was a fairly quick piece I did after trying to play System Shock 2. I am very bad at the game and spent a lot of my time flailing around with a wrench trying not to die for the 20th time. At least an interesting mental image came out of all my shrieks and swears. I also got to break out my blood splatter brushes for the first time in months.

Now I shall go back to working on avoiding my art show and convention checklists. Maybe I’ll actually get something done.

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