Things I Swear I’ll Get Back To…

I have  a…habit of juggling projects. I’ll start a piece, and then set it aside to throw another concept together, and then maybe go back to the first project or maybe another piece entirely.

One advantage to this is I rarely get bored or burned out. If I am just not feeling one piece I’ll go to the next one down the line and see if that goes any better.

There is of course one major disadvantage, which is spreading all my energy out makes it hard for me to get something completed. I have pieces that have been sitting on my drawing board or my to do list for ages. I’ll get back to them and work on them or polish the concept but rarely do they get COMPLETED.

So since we are still in the first month of 2015 lets pull out what I’ve been kicking around and see if I can shame myself into finishing them up.
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And Now for Something Completely Different…

Haven’t done much actual ART this week, mainly odd scribbles here and there while juggling other things, taxes, sales records, and my most interesting project: wedding invites.

One of my college buddies is getting married and she asked me to be the maid of honor, and she also asked me to do the invitations. The only specifications I got were: the wedding colors are blue and silver, they are getting married on March 14, and their theme is Pi. Both the bride and groom are huge nerds with simple tastes, and I was given a carte blanche.

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“Say Pal…You Don’t Look So Good…” a step by step technique ramble

Sadly this is what my drawing table looks like AFTER I cleaned it up to work.

I got accepted to a video game themed art show with a deadline of a week or so. So I was short on time and needed to work really quickly.

I go through my list of favorite games and then go over a list of games I like that other people actually remember. My own taste in games tend to run towards the really old or really odd (Evil Genius, Thief the Metal Age, Viscera Clean Up Detail, Katamari Damacy etc.) 

After a bit of kicking around I finally decide to try to do a piece based on my personal favorite time sink, Don’t Starve.  Partially because I really like the style of the game, and partially because there’s a good chance that people might actually recognize that one.(My masterpiece based on a sci-fi mopping simulator will have to wait for another occasion. )

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