Greetings, you’ve found the blog of Lissa – the Foolish Mortal.

I emerged from Zeus’ skull fully formed with a pencil in my fist and a bowler hat on my head.

My family claims I was born in Texas.

A lot of my childhood was spent pouring over any book I could get my hands on and drawing in the margins of my homework. When I got older I managed to get to college and read bigger more crazy books and managed to make drawing my homework not just the margins.

Once at school I studied a wide variety of subjects from print making to animation and finally graduated with a degree in graphic design. Now my bowler hat and I travel around selling my work at comic book and sci fi conventions and doing freelance work. I have done design work for board games, websites, and my work has appeared in international publications.

When I’m not living out of a suit case I play way too many video-games, watch horrible movies and read books about dead people.

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