Art in the Time of Quarantine and God Knows What Else


So…*gestures* the…world. Oooof.

I started this entry months ago when I thought dealing with a pandemic, depression, and the death of my cat was all I had to deal with. Hah.  Good times.

All that aside. I’ve sure been playing a lot of Animal Crossing. Between crocheting, insomnia, listening to conspiracy theory podcasts and taking my anti anxiety meds like candy.

Not the most useful existence right now, but it’s what I got these days. At least I managed to make a somewhat acceptable baby blanket. Hopefully someone finds that useful. Or at least appreciate the amount of crazy slip knots involved in making a whole blanket.

Alas the last thing I’ve been doing is Art. Or Drawing. Or Writing. Back when this post was started – and we were all starting to settle into quarantine that was a big deal. And for me is still a bit of a guilty weight on me.

All that free time, no interruptions, nothing better to do, all that prime suffering. (All Artists Must Suffer After All) Why am I not a whirlwind of creativity making new series of prints, wrapping up that long form fanfic, and creating the great American Novel while I’m at it?

I have TIME why am I not making THINGS? Why aren’t others making many things? Why are we not experiencing some sort of Plague Born Renaissance of new media? Continue reading