Art in the Time of Quarantine and God Knows What Else


So…*gestures* the…world. Oooof.

I started this entry months ago when I thought dealing with a pandemic, depression, and the death of my cat was all I had to deal with. Hah.  Good times.

All that aside. I’ve sure been playing a lot of Animal Crossing. Between crocheting, insomnia, listening to conspiracy theory podcasts and taking my anti anxiety meds like candy.

Not the most useful existence right now, but it’s what I got these days. At least I managed to make a somewhat acceptable baby blanket. Hopefully someone finds that useful. Or at least appreciate the amount of crazy slip knots involved in making a whole blanket.

Alas the last thing I’ve been doing is Art. Or Drawing. Or Writing. Back when this post was started – and we were all starting to settle into quarantine that was a big deal. And for me is still a bit of a guilty weight on me.

All that free time, no interruptions, nothing better to do, all that prime suffering. (All Artists Must Suffer After All) Why am I not a whirlwind of creativity making new series of prints, wrapping up that long form fanfic, and creating the great American Novel while I’m at it?

I have TIME why am I not making THINGS? Why aren’t others making many things? Why are we not experiencing some sort of Plague Born Renaissance of new media? Continue reading

Reports of my Death Have Been… Not Too Far Off Actually

So 2020 hunh?

It’s been a helluva time so far for most people. Myself included.

I’m mostly recovered from The Flu my mom gave me for Valentine’s Day. Really would have preferred a card.

Initially I had mistaken the aches and misery to be a flare up of my post Christmas shingles which I’ve been dealing with since January. But I was going to my doctor in a follow up of, what was probably a mild staph infection, and got diagnosed properly. Oh yea – there was also a brain med adjustment somewhere in there – I honestly have no idea how that’s going right now.

But now I’m mostly recovered from all this – no longer in pain or oozing fluids and my brain chemistry is starting to balance out. Just in time to get told to stay indoors from the plague. Fun.

Anyways I’ll try to get back to work – and rework my year plan. 3 months in and things are already falling apart.


I don’t have enough going on to feel secure pimping the Patreon but I do have a Ko-fi.

I also have merch for sale – that hasn’t been affected by my deceased hands.

2020 New Year – New Messes

So the Holidays are done – I ate the last piece of Christmas candy a few days ago and my end of year sales taxes are due next week. I have to get off the vacation setting and back to work.

This means I should put my new Switch down and let my Pokemon sleep a bit. Yes. I should get to that. Hrm.

As usual my brain chemistry is less than thrilled this time of year so I’m taking things slow as me and medical science try to sort things out. But I’m still going to try to get things done. So for the sake of progress less get a resolution list of sorts going.

Update the Etsy – I hate photographing stock – I hate trying to do item write ups but I do need to do them.

Instagram More – I hate the interface – especially from a computer but this is a thing I need to do.

Sort Patreon – I don’t know what to do for it – or to it. Open to suggestions really.

Finish up the Tutorial – and try to write more – not sure is anyone was liking those but I figure I should at least finish the one I started. I might also have a ramble or two in me about color schemes if I decide to continue that trend.

Attack the To Read List – Not Art Related Persay but boy howdy I have a zillion books to read and barely started any of them. It’s gotten to the point my librarian friends have cut me off until I read something.

Marketing – Try to find places to sell my more current trend of “blood and catholics” art/ Also more venues would be a good idea.

Resume – I swear I’ll finish it I swear – I started it.

Writing – I’ve got a few fanfics on the table I need to really wrap up if only for readers to have closure. Also have a few original ideas I can’t seem to find a structure for.

Be “Kind” to Myself – welp got back from a minor medical visit with “good news! It’s NOT Shingles” – so that and other issues makes it clear I need to do something. Not sure what to do about my anxiety or what “being kind to myself” is but I should probably try that before I explode into a pinata of misery or something.

Redraw Something – Got a few old concepts I like – but the execution needs work. Might be good to rework some of these for sale sake, portfolio sake, and also it’s nice to make myself look back on where I’ve been and where I’m at now skill wise.


One day I’ll sit down and explain the reasoning behind this. It’s a hell of a yarn and sadly not solved. One day it will either get settled in court or we all die of old age and it will be aired out. But yea – no Kickstarters. None. Not Again.

A rather hefty list – which might be a lot to ask of myself right now but might as well set some goals. So here’s to 2020 – it may be on fire but lets try our best.

litwick (2)

Small Business Saturday


I’m really bad at keeping abreast of the lingo – days of the internet. 

But apparently today is Small Business Saturday.

So if you are looking for gifts for folks on your list. Or yourself (I don’t judge – treat yourself) may I turn your attention to these fine vendors that handle genuine Foolish Mortal products.

Support your small time vendors – and starving artists. Accept no substitutes.

Foolish Mortal Studios on etsy

sold directly out of my stock. Everything that comes out of the etsy has been handled and selected by me. If you want something signed this is the way to get it.

Larger stock dating back years of work and designs on a wide variety of items – want a t-shirt? a coffee mug? Redbubble has it.  For this weekend use the code “CYBERDEALS” to get 25-60% off your order

Redbubble also houses the large backlog of Krampus Cards

Shirts – curtains – tote bags- fine home decor – Society6 has it for ya.

Just set this place up but if oyu want archival – giclee prints for the more distinguishing connoisseur Inprnt’s the place to go. The weekend all orders of $50 or mre gets free international shipping.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Artists

So I’ve got a pie in the oven – a turkey in the fridge – and a Krampus to put on my shelf. The holidays are fast approaching.

For many this  means its time to get started – or if you are really organized (like my sister) – wrap up your shopping list.  But if you are like me you have no idea where to start or what to get folks.

 Do you have an artist on your shopping list?

Someone you know well enough you should get them something but not well enough to let them loose in an art supply store and foot the bill? Not sure if they like pastels or paints? You don’t know if they are a cartoonist or illustrator, or even why there is a distinction? Or you just aren’t sure what they’d need or want?

In the interest of sparing my brethren another box of Roseart crayons or bad paint – I’ve surveyed a variety of artists – pro and hobbyist and this is what we came up with. We can’t promise these are the most exciting gifts but these are basic staples they’ll probably appreciate.
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Scary Monsters (Super Freaks)

This article is from the vaults -I wrote it AFTER the show – and was past Halloween by the time it was even half way done. Also Halloween shall live on in our hearts – next to my Oingo Boingo albums and oddly growing Abe Sapien collection. So it’s monster season whenever I say it is.

For process and sketches from this years monster show – they are posted up on the Patreon along with colorsheets made from the line art from last year’s paintings. 


Well the temperature dropped finally, the owls outside my window are having hooting contests and my grocery store is overrun with mutated warty gourds. This can only mean one thing…

It’s time for Halloween – and the annual Monster Show

I’m too lazy to make fancy looking text  – so here’s a seasonal gif from Hausu.

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August Patreon Update

This month’s patreon coloring sheets are this lovely lady whose based on a Great Orange Tip Butterfly – and Amduscias – a duke of Hell who also looks like a unicorn. 

Both of these – and previous month’s sheets are available for all $2 subscribers on the Patreon. I also have sketches and process samples from currently projects available on there for free. I’m also kicking around puting writing on there in the future so keep an eye out for that as the months go on.

As usual you can find me and more of my work on Instagram, Facebook,  and Twitter.