Reports of my Death Have Been… Not Too Far Off Actually

So 2020 hunh?

It’s been a helluva time so far for most people. Myself included.

I’m mostly recovered from The Flu my mom gave me for Valentine’s Day. Really would have preferred a card.

Initially I had mistaken the aches and misery to be a flare up of my post Christmas shingles which I’ve been dealing with since January. But I was going to my doctor in a follow up of, what was probably a mild staph infection, and got diagnosed properly. Oh yea – there was also a brain med adjustment somewhere in there – I honestly have no idea how that’s going right now.

But now I’m mostly recovered from all this – no longer in pain or oozing fluids and my brain chemistry is starting to balance out. Just in time to get told to stay indoors from the plague. Fun.

Anyways I’ll try to get back to work – and rework my year plan. 3 months in and things are already falling apart.


I don’t have enough going on to feel secure pimping the Patreon but I do have a Ko-fi.

I also have merch for sale – that hasn’t been affected by my deceased hands.

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