In Which I Ramble on about Ghosts and Ladies that Go Bump in the Night

So October is here, and gone.  I was intending to post this sooner but the month was a blur of comings, goings, deadlines and disasters.  Probably poor excuses, but it was a poor way to spend what is normally the happiest time of the year for me.

For the occasion of Halloween a local store decided to hold a monster themed art show and they were kind enough to let me join in the fun.

So I get in the show, no worries right? Well actually I realize that “Monster” is a pretty big heading. Are we talking classic movie monsters? Modern monsters? Urban legends? Zombies? The list goes on.

After a bit of mentally throwing darts at a board for ideas and coming up with nothing  a friend suggested I try to do something with “those Japanese ghosts like that one artist you obsess over.” Continue reading


Art Dump

Not much to report on this end, been working on a lot of odds and ends trying to get stuff ready for an art show at the end of the month, and figure out my plan of attack for a convention next month. (I might try to do a write up of how that all works at some point – maybe.)

So we’re doing an art dump this week.

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Art Process – Blood and Gold

blogimageI have a horrible turn around time. I will admit to that. Sometimes ideas will hit me and I’ll sketch and finish them up in half a day, or I’ll pace myself for a deadline. But other occasions I will come up with ideas, sketch them out and set them aside until I pull them out later and see what I can do with them.Though even I have to admit 2-3 years is a bit extreme even for me.

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Logo Design

A few months back an artisan friend of mine, Never, from the frozen north approached me to do a logo design for her. She makes jewelry out of bits of upcycled watch and type writer parts, and she wanted something along a steam punk aesthetic and I am always happy to draw some gears.

She had a pretty solid idea of what she wanted and between the two of us we came up with this, which looks really cool.

neverwaresoption3-2Go check out Never’s etsy shop. 

I also was asked by The Spider and the Fly to make a logo for them. They sell lots of kitsch and horror iconography, which are all topics near and dear to my heart. They didn’t have much of an idea of what they wanted, besides the eponymous spider and fly, so after a bit of back and forth we got something they are happy with.


I don’t get to do logo designs all that much but really enjoyed getting a chance to stretch my legs with these.

If anyone is interested in commissioning me for logos or other graphic design work  feel free to contact me at ‘lissaquon(a)’

Reports of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Forgive me Internet for I have slacked, it has been 68 days since my last confession blog post.  I was originally planning to do this on a twice monthly basis. As you can see I’m not very good at it. Mea culpa.

Some of my absence was spent in California as I helped with a friends wedding, and slept in haunted hotels, toured houses built by crazy widows and was serenaded in the night by sea lions. After that I got home to a broken fridge and then once our food supply was no longer in the danger of rotting away I had a convention to work. And then, well to be frank, I had a nervous breakdown. Not much of an excuse but that’s life. Excuses are boring.

Anyways now that my brain is operating at a somewhat decent capacity lets get back to business. I have been silent but not exactly inactive so I at least have stuff to post and talk about.

Sketch Dump

I’ll probably write something more substantial but right now have some sketch dump.

So after recently nagging a friend of mine to do more warm up sketches I realized I should probably take my own advice.  I’ve been sort of sluggish and distracted lately and making a regular habit to draw something – anything, seemed like a good plan.

Warm up drawings are often used to get the brain thinking visually and helping your muscle memory and dexterity. It’s also good to do some drawing for fun without worrying about quality or content.  Such as swing dancing Pyro.

dance2 dance

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