Can’t Be Worse Than the Last

So 2017…happened.

Well as I write this – it’s almost over, barring anything major happening – it looks like we’ll have survived it.

Good job us. Smoke if ya got ’em.

This bout sums up my feels about the year. Click for link to full version.


I’ve been rather quiet on here this year.  Multiple reasons, mainly being bad at social media. I know it’s supposed to be an important part of business, image, and sharing personal bits and connections. But I’m never sure what to share and what to shove in the closet with all those fabulously dressed skeletons I keep in there. So I tend to over analyze and freeze up and say nothing.

Also it’s been a bonkers year, I’ve spent most of my energy gritting my teeth watching the news, or writing my congressmen demanding someone do something. The dregs of my mental energy left were then used to queue up shoujo anime and episodes of Call the Midwife, cause for some reason I find sappy narratives about midwives in the 60’s comforting.  I don’t even know.

My brain chemicals were also in a bad kilter most of the year. I tried a medication adjustment and after about 6 months of being sort of listless and lost I figured out that the adjustment was the wrong sort and then tried something else. So far it seems to be working. Except for the nervous breakdown I had a month ago. That….was less than good.

Houston, my hometown flooded.  We got hit by a monster hurricane Harvey.  My family and I survived unscathed, but others weren’t so lucky. The town is still trying to reassemble itself after that. I spent a day breaking damaged sheet rock and hours cleaning flood silt off things. Still could be worse. Which seems odd to say when I drive past buildings still shut down months afterwards, but it is true.

And in a more personal emergency my external hard-drive where all my art files and resources live suffered a major failure. And died. I did manage to evacuate most of my files to various passport drives before it completely went but things are still a bit helter skelter. I believe I have lost a lot of my digital texture resources and I’m still nervous to see if I’ve lost my large collection of personal photos.

But we have survived. I have survived. I did in fact get artwork done, just failed to show much of it here. I shall try to amend that, and get some process write ups done – I started taking notes for some and then…got distracted.

Welp good riddance to 2017 – here’s wishing the best for 2018.

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