Negative, I’m a Meat Popsicle


Welp it’s been a very long silence on here. I picked up a temporary job contract around the holidays and spent a good few months working out of state doing data processing. It was simultaneously more boring and more interesting than you would imagine it would be.
I also ended up couch surfing with family, fighting what felt like an eternity of bronchitis, and serving as a jungle gym to a five year old.

This was not very conducive to my usual hermit life style of wallowing in my own clutter, dancing to electro-swing music, bothering the cat, and slaving over a hot graphics tablet to get work done. I at least still got some stuff wrapped up regardless.

Started this in early December at a friend’s request and colored it as the New Year rang in. One day I’ll stop finding punk sailor scouts amusing.

The Adventurer’s Guild Cafe in Ontario had a gallery show focused on the Kanto generation of Pokemon.  They were nice enough to let me participate.

I’m sort of ambivalent to Pokemon now, but the Kanto generation, the original 151, were and will forever be my jam.  Despite the cries of my five year old nephew, I didn’t call dibs on Pikachu. Nor did I take the ghost trio, like my friends were taking bets on. I decided to give Cubone and Marowak some love. (Also Charizard was taken.)


For those not versed in Pokemon – Cubone is a sad orphan cub baby creature that wears it mother’s skull as a helmet. Cause that’s all of his mother he has left.

Marowak, it’s evolution is less heartbreaking. If only cause it’s a critter grown into its sad state of existence.  So less crying and more beating up of others.

It took me ages to get the concept and line arts done for these guys. Part of this was due to having a five year old hanging off me wondering why I wasn’t drawing Pikachu, the rest was  I wanted to do something with these two that weren’t complete carbon copies of their standard portraits, or how they are usually depicted.

I wanted to really focus on the narrative of Cubone, since that’s the main feature everyone remembers about it. It’s subheading in game is literally “The lonely pokemon.”

A lot of folks have already drawn him curled up wearing the skull and sobbing. (There are also cute ones of him playing videogames which are adorbs).  So to shake things up I took a few liberties with Cubone, by removing him from his mother’s skull to have him huddling against it. This also meant I had to sort of invent what Cubone looks like under the skull. Thankfully there’s a lot of fan speculation on that so I didn’t have to make things up entirely.

Marowak I left alone for the most part design wise and just focused on the angle and once again the emotion, which is generally being knocked down, built up and tired of it.

I feel the two work together fairly well, even if I took liberties with Cubone’s design.

Sadly since I’m nowhere near Ontario I have no pictures of the event myself, but the organizer was nice enough to share pictures. There are over 100 pieces but my babies are on visible on the end.

For anyone interested there is a zine available on the gallery’s etsy with all the pieces from the show in it.

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