Sketch Dump

I’ll probably write something more substantial but right now have some sketch dump.

So after recently nagging a friend of mine to do more warm up sketches I realized I should probably take my own advice.  I’ve been sort of sluggish and distracted lately and making a regular habit to draw something – anything, seemed like a good plan.

Warm up drawings are often used to get the brain thinking visually and helping your muscle memory and dexterity. It’s also good to do some drawing for fun without worrying about quality or content.  Such as swing dancing Pyro.

dance2 dance

I’ve been playing A LOT of Fallen London lately, and started using gaming events as excuse to draw my poor character and her adventures/ misadventures.

She went insane and spent a lot of time in the Grand Bethlehem Hotel being harassed by a lizard and trying to make jewelry out of imaginary snakes.
Then she stole all the things and seduced a few folks for good measure.
Chased a cat, as you do, and got some secrets she hadn’t really bargained for. (Fallen London makes sense in context and not much out of it)

Not much to this one – pseudo self portrait – theres a meme going around to draw yourself as a witch. So me with a skeleton cat, lots of jewelry, books and magic tea. Seems legit



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