The Story So Far…

Not much to talk about this weekend. Most of this week I’ve spent lining up and sorting out travel arrangements for next month (news on that later) and doing actual paid work (which I can’t show yet either). But lets focus on things I CAN share.

So this last week I did a lot of odds and ends, some commission work,  continued working on others and experimented with live streaming. For anyone interested, when I do another livestream you can watch me work and chat with me at Picarto under the name FoolishMortalOnline.

Folks who had nothing better to do on the evening of Valentine’s Day could tune in and watch me work on this lovely lady. And somehow we ended up discussing Lewis Carroll and various adaptions of Alice in Wonderland in the chat window. (Nothing but the best nerd conversations in my chats.)

Still not done but I’ve at least started coloring her in Photoshop









The night before that, during a test run of the livestream system I goofed around and did some random requests.  So some TF2 and Mystery Twins happened. Rather happy with how Dipper and Mabel came out since I had to take a very simplified style and adjust for it. Medic also didn’t come out that bad either. Not the best attempt of me trying to draw the not-so-good doctor, but a fair attempt.


consider this your reminder to watch Gravity Falls



This week I get to try to clear off my drawing table again, do button inventory and other exciting artist maintenance things that aren’t picturesque. I’ll try to find something interesting to talk about next post.



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