Wish Ya Never Met Her at All

152 The Best from Manhunt Perma Books058
Book cover art by Ernest Chiriaka – got a collection of paperback novel covers lately it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

I’m not sure if it’s my recent binge watching of Twin Peaks, or the stars aligning or if the stress of recent events has just gotten to me but I’m in the mood for some damn fine coffee, donuts, intrigue and murder.

Apparently no one who knows me very well is surprised by this.

My media diet in my formative years involved a lot of Alfred Hitchcock presents and  probably too many viewings and sing-alongs to the soundtrack of Chicago. So in my mind’s eye, murder usually involves a bit less gruesome corpses and murder basements and more slinky dresses and ladies done with your shit.Maybe there’s some wish fulfillment involved, I am not ashamed.


Femme fatales and vamps are some of the more interesting stock charactersbombs of media. While not the most realistic or well rounded or even positive- depictions of women they are the ones you do not or can not afford to underestimate. Some female characters will pout or break a nail or simper and be innocent and lost.

These ladies know exactly what they are doing and I respect that.

Then again I always had an aspiration to become a Bond villain when I grew up so I may just have strange life goals.

Sadly since I lack the resources, wardrobe and cleavage to seduce men, steal their money and build a secret base to house my operations to take over the world, I will settle for drawing the sorts of ladies  who would.




I seem to have a lot of ideas in this vein that I’m kicking around. So I’ve scribbled these up and will see which of these get finished.


For some reason this lady with her shovel amused me the most so I’m starting this possible series of bad ideas with her. The piece on the right is a color key for me to work from. I still have a lot of polish to do on the line art and such. The rough sketches as usual were done in Mischief but I’m playing with Paint Tool Sai for the lines. I’ve heard good things about the program so I’m giving it a spin and seeing how things work out.



Lets see if the murderess trend continues.






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