Things I Swear I’ll Get Back To…

I have  a…habit of juggling projects. I’ll start a piece, and then set it aside to throw another concept together, and then maybe go back to the first project or maybe another piece entirely.

One advantage to this is I rarely get bored or burned out. If I am just not feeling one piece I’ll go to the next one down the line and see if that goes any better.

There is of course one major disadvantage, which is spreading all my energy out makes it hard for me to get something completed. I have pieces that have been sitting on my drawing board or my to do list for ages. I’ll get back to them and work on them or polish the concept but rarely do they get COMPLETED.

So since we are still in the first month of 2015 lets pull out what I’ve been kicking around and see if I can shame myself into finishing them up.

This sketch dates back to…erm, I can’t even recall. I sketched it out as a warm up piece and decided I liked it.

I transferred it to a watercolor sheet intending to paint it and mat it for sale. I got about half way through inking it when I was flooded with Pony portraits and set it aside.

I really do intend to get back to this one.

coffinbirth1 coffinbirth2


These two are concept sketches. I ran across the term”coffin birth” and felt like I had to do something with the idea. (I’ll proabably go more into detail about this idea in a later entry.)

I need to kick this idea around some more and see if I can’t wrap it up.



This piece is more based on a pun, (she’s a “Maneater”(I’m so clever)) I started working on it, trying to go for a more post impressionist Latrec look to it. I ended up failing miserably and restarted it. And still wasn’t happy.

I need to redraw the sofa – rework this piece and attack it again. I really like the idea of this one and determined to finish it.


otgwI ended up watching Over the Garden Wall this November and enjoying it immensely. For those who haven’t seen it yet, totally recommend. It’s short, it’s weird, it’s like a love letter to old animation, and it’s got Tim Curry as a witch.

As a result I started scribbling this out, after a bit of debate and kicking it around I’m probably going to transfer this to the watercolor block and make a proper painting out of it.


This piece is from the same idea session that bore “Say Pal…” and “Gaming Planet” -I was trying to come up with idea for video-game art for a show.

This one is based off Bioshock which is one of my fav franchises. I like the original posing but feel the details and concept need ironing.

nuka4More video-game fan art. This one is based on my obsession last summer with Fallout 3, also partially based on my love of Rosie the Riveter and old advertising.  (Eventually it’s supposed to be an ad for Nuka Cola in some fashion. )

I keep kicking this one around, adding to it, and reworking it. I WILL finish this one I swear.


dragonThis is probably the oldest thing I’ve got around. It’s tacked up by my drawing table and occasionally I’ll take it down and add to it.

This is inspired by my love of Illuminated Manuscripts in general and The Black Hours specifically. With it being goauche and gold ink on black paper it really scans horribly and only looks great in person.

One day I’ll figure out what to do with the border of this and call it done and unleash it upon the world. I might even miss this piece when I have to take it off my bulletin board.

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