And Now for Something Completely Different…

Haven’t done much actual ART this week, mainly odd scribbles here and there while juggling other things, taxes, sales records, and my most interesting project: wedding invites.

One of my college buddies is getting married and she asked me to be the maid of honor, and she also asked me to do the invitations. The only specifications I got were: the wedding colors are blue and silver, they are getting married on March 14, and their theme is Pi. Both the bride and groom are huge nerds with simple tastes, and I was given a carte blanche.


Shortly after I was given the task the 6 month countdown started and I needed to crank out a save the date card. After kicking around some ideas I was unhappy with I finally decided to use graph paper as a background, it’s already blue, and worked with the sort of math, numbers, pi theme.

I added some scribbles on the side for a bit of detail (for those curious the equation on there graphs a heart, which was my little easter egg touch for this.)

The invites were assembled as soon as I had enough information to work from.

Do not ask how many decimal places of pi that is on here.









There are still a few details I need to put in before I send these off to the printer but all in all I rather like how these came out. I might get around to photographing the final print versions if I get a chance.

If anyone is interested in commissioning custom invitations or cards, feel free to contact me at ‘lissaquon(a)’


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